Equipment for semiconductors Innovative plasma sources Unique process solutions

What we do

Equipment for semiconductors

We are a supplier of plasma-processing solutions for the production of integrated circuits used by smartphones and tablets

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How we do it

Innovative plasma sources

1000 times higher chemical concentration

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Unique process solutions

Infinite etching selectivity with ALDE®
Unparalleled cleaning efficiency with HDRF®

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Industry News

January 14, 2015
Taiwan Semiconductor Is Making News With Internet Of Things []

January 12, 2015
CES 2015: MEMS that Wearables/IoT Need [EE Times]

January 3, 2015
IEDM: FD-SOI Down to 10nm [SemiWiki]

December 17, 2014
11 Views of IEDM [EE Times]

December 15, 2014
MEMS: The micro-machines inside your most beloved technologies [Mashable]

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Latest News and Releases

December 8, 2014
Nanoplas announces shipment of one DSB6000 tool to a major defense industry pure player company for special MEMS R&D development

November 24, 2014
Nanoplas announces shipment of one ALDE-300 Process Module to a top-10 largest semiconductor equipment supplier in Asia. Application targets dielectric dry-etching for 10nm FinFET devices

May 2, 2014
Nanoplas 2014 Red Herring Europe Winner

April 9, 2014
Nanoplas announces shipment of one DSB6000 Boost to one Swiss MEMS manufacturer for large volume manufacturing and the purchase order of one DSB-9000 to CIME in Grenoble for special MEMS R&D development.

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